Practically How To Have Oral Sex

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Practically How To Have Oral Sex

Post by bazplay » 07 Mar 2023 17:16

Practically How To Have Oral Sex

Oral sex is stimulating a partner's genitals with tongue. As part of foreplay to heighten sexual arousal, both men and women can feel physical and mental pleasure from oral sex. Although some people consider oral sex to be vulgar and embarrassing to give or receive, it is an important part of the sex life. Don't feel embarrassed or vulgar and dare to try oral sex. Then you will be able to taste orgasm sooner.

Fellatio - oral sex from a woman to a man

Step-By-Step Process

1. Woman begins by licking and sucking man's nipples, then moves down to the penis with her lips and tongue. She gently caresses his scrotum and penis.

2. Man takes a comfortable position. He lies on his back and the woman kneels at his side so that her knees are perpendicular to the man's hips.

3. As a step to learn basic caress and penis licking or sucking techniques, lightly and quickly caress the glans area with the tip of the tongue. Then caress the entire penis up and down. Lick the glans area as if wrapping it with your tongue and then gently suck it in.

4. Adjust the pressure and speed of caressing or sucking according to the reaction of man. To make it last longer, woman can part her lips before he ejaculates, and caress the scrotum or thighs.

5. Stimulate the penis manually. Touching the testicles while performing fellatio. Also, caress penis with hand while sucking on the glans. In general, men like more pressure than women actually do.

6. Special attention should be paid to male erogenous zones. Most men are very sensitive to and around the junction between the glans and penis, especially for inhaled stimuli.

Various Methods

1. Woman puts a small ice cube in her mouth and rubs the entire glans from the penis into her mouth until the ice melts completely. When the ice is completely melted, Woman licks man's penis with her tongue and sucks his glans moderately. When the glans part starts to get tense, woman removes the penis from the mouth, caresses the penis again, and then repeats the action of inserting the penis into the mouth.

2. Since sucking a penis with a bare mouth can be considered as a little disgusting, start fondling with a dab of fragrant wine or whipped cream.

3. Chew the penis lightly with your teeth while stimulating it as a whole, then put it in thr mouth and gently and strongly tickle the glans with the tip of tongue. Then, if woman presses the front of the glans with the entire tongue and touches the glans with the tip of the tongue again, man can feel indescribable excitement.

4. Apply saliva or very low-purity alcohol to the entire penis. While rubbing the penis with the lips, when the excitement by the lips is heightened, bite the penis in the mouth and lick and suck the glans with the tongue focusing on it.

Cunnilingus - oral sex from a man to a woman

Step-By-Step Process

1. Do not go to the female genitals in a hurry. Massage the area between the navel and pubic hair lightly while moving toward the inner thighs.

2. Woman lies on her back and spreads her legs. Man lies down between the woman's legs and puts his arms under her legs and gently stimulates her hips with both hands. Placing a pillow under her buttocks can help stimulate the clitoris and labia.

3. Learn basic petting and licking/sucking techniques. First, lightly massage the labia minora, vaginal blackhead and the tip of the clitoris with the tip of the tongue, then suck around the clitoris with lips.

4. Adjust the pressure and speed of stroking, licking, or suction. Do not use teeth in a hurry and adjust while watching the woman's reaction.

5. It is also good to stimulate the vagina by putting fingers in it.

Various Methods

1. Point your lips and then use the tips to touch the entire clitoris. Then, when the tip of the lips are partially pressed against the clitoris, and the motion of inhaling and exhaling, the woman reaches an intolerable state. When a woman's pleasure reaches its peak, she can feel a pleasant orgasm by inducing ejaculation after applying pressure to the clitoris with the entire tongue.

2. Lightly mix fragrant cherry juice with water and spread it around the clitoris. Gently lick the clitoris along with the juice, then move your lips toward the nipple when you feel the excitement build up. While caressing the nipple, the woman wants stronger stimulation of the clitoris. At this time, once again apply juice to the clitoris and apply pressure with your mouth.

3. Tease the clitoris with the tip of the tongue from start to finish. In some cases, it can be more effective to excite a woman to have a certain rhythm than to put a strong force on stimulation.

4. When the excitement reaches its peak, it is also an effective way to switch to position 69 and perform fellatio at the same time.

Q/A About oral sex

Q. I am too shy to tell this to someone elde, so I ask the specialist. I am now a newlywed housewife who has only been married for a few months. My husband treats me so well. Other people may feel the same way, but my husband is so caring that we never had an argument. But my husband asks me for oral sex, and I really hate it. However, I couldn't directly say I didn't like it, so I made a rough excuse and avoided it, but I didn't feel comfortable. I don't know if other couples are having oral sex, but this is too hard for me. And when semen enters my mouth, I inevitably swallow it. Is it okay to eat it?

A. Oral sex is not very taboo among couples these days. Sex can be the most free when both parties want it, so there will be a problem if only one side asks for it. If you can't refuse your husband because you love him, rather try to actively accept it. It is not an exaggeration to say that satisfactory sex for men and women dominates most of their lives.

A recent sex report found that even though men themselves do not enjoy oral sex, they demand it from women and want women to do it willingly. That's why oral sex has a symbolic meaning for men. I believe that many women's reluctance to have oral sex has a large social impact. This is a false perception. As long as it is thoroughly washed, that part is no more unclean than any other part of the body.

There are subtle differences of opinion as to how ejaculated semen is disposed of. Swallowing ejaculated semen is not medically recommended. There are reports of some women having an allergic reaction to semen. However, this is extremely rare and almost all women do not have a problem swallowing semen.

When a man experiences sexual orgasm, the semen discharged through ejaculation is usually about 3 to 5cc. It is close to white and has a peculiar fishy smell, which comes from spermine, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, and protein discharged from the prostate. And semen does not consist entirely of sperm. Sperm in semen is about 5 to 10%, and the rest consists of secretions from the prostate and seminal vesicles. Water accounts for 80 to 90%, 8 to 9% is organic matter, and the rest contains proteins, salts, and fats.

Another reason why ejaculation through oral sex feels unclean is that for men, reproduction and urination are carried out through the same organ, so there is a question of what to do if urine is mixed during ejaculation. But you can rest assured. When semen comes out of the penis, the sphincter of the bladder automatically blocks the urine. Therefore, semen and urine are never excreted together.

Q. I have no sexual experience yet. Teach me how to satisfy my boyfriend who wants sex. I like him, but I don't intend to have sex yet. So I ask for your advice. How can I have oral sex without damaging my hymen?

'Oral sex' is a very special thing for men to the extent that they say, "It's okay to have oral sex without penetration." You may think it's because it's so good, but this is because it satisfies men's desire for conquest, although pleasure is also a pleasure.

The human mouth is a sacred place where food is supplied and energy for living is supplied. On the other hand, from a man's point of view, the genital organ is the most important body part for sex, but it is also a place for excretion. Therefore, for a woman to caress the penis of a man who excretes with her sacred mouth gives a man a very great trust in a woman.

So, if you don't want direct sex using your genitals, oral sex can do just that.
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Re: Practically How To Have Oral Sex

Post by Nathan » 09 Jun 2023 03:47

Pretty detailed! Thank you bro
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Re: Practically How To Have Oral Sex

Post by Connie » 26 Feb 2024 01:25

Dude, that was brilliant too, about the cunnilingus part, I'll seriously use it for sex with my shemale sex dolls.
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Re: Practically How To Have Oral Sex

Post by sexymimiyang » 10 Mar 2024 00:38

Pretty detailed!
Thank you bro
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