[Real Story] Hair Salon Jerking off

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[Real Story] Hair Salon Jerking off

Post by bazplay » 01 Mar 2023 14:35

Tiffany was a hair designer. She started working at her own hair salon that she just newly opened. She always smiled at all her customers and did her best with hair.

One day, a young man came into her hair salon to get a haircut while the coworker was out for lunch. She was alone in the shop, but Tiffany didn't care. She seated the man in a chair and wrapped a cape cloth around his neck.

While she was in the middle of getting the man's hair done, she noticed the customer's suspicious movements. He was moving, waving his hands under the cape he was wearing over his body. She deliberately tried to call him, “Are you okay?” to stop him, but the man did not stop moving his hand.

Tiffany was so annoyed that she had such dirty perverted customers sitting in her newly opened shop of her own that she couldn't stand it.

So she punched the man in the head and tore off the cloth that was wrapped around him.

Then she looked at the man's hand and couldn't help but apologize to the man in embarrassment.

The man was cleaning his glasses under the cape.
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