[Humor] The Man Who Lost Sunday

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[Humor] The Man Who Lost Sunday

Post by bazplay » 01 Mar 2023 14:07

The Man Who Lost Sunday

There was a man who wanted to have sex with a woman so much. However, he was too shy to make a girlfriend. So he thought that if he made money, he could use it to date a girl.

He made a lot of money by working hard, but he couldn't meet a woman. So he thought that he could use the money he earned to go abroad and buy a woman with the money and have sex there. So he boarded a plane going abroad and departed.

Unfortunately, however, the plane he was riding had a problem in the air and crashed in the middle of the sea, and when he came to his senses, he was on an uninhabited island. And it was not just him there, but the six women who were on the plane with him were washed up on the island together by the waves.

The island had warm weather, lots of fruit on each tree, and lots of seafood in the sea, so it was like a utopia. And there he was finally able to fulfill his wish. He had finally had sex with a woman.

He was allowed to have sex with six women, changing one each day. Truly, it was heaven for him. He switched girls every day from Monday to Saturday except Sunday and had as much sex as he wanted.

But his happiness didn't last long. The 6 girls started getting jealous of each other and wanted to have more sex with him. He ended up in a situation where he had to have sex with 2 or 3 women a day without stopping. No matter how much a man likes sex, his physical strength was no longer enough to satisfy the sexual desires of six women.

Just then, one day, a ship was wrecked and washed ashore on the island. In the boat was a very strong, handsome, muscular man lying unconscious.

When he found the ship, he shouted Hallelujah. Now he was overjoyed to think that if he dealt with six girls with the muscle man, he would get at least three days off a week. He woke the man in the boat and explained everything to him. Then he told the person that there was plenty of food and that there were 6 women there, so he could eat as much as he wanted and have sex with the women he wanted.

But when he heard the man's words, he sat down and cried. Because the man who had washed up on the ship was a gay.
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