XVideos is my first choice

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XVideos is my first choice

Post by bazplay » 27 Dec 2022 13:36

When I am looking for porn to watch, Xvidoes.com is my first click to go on the web.

These days I am watching contents related with public sexual activities like this.


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Re: XVideos is my first choice

Post by CloudyNCuriousLA » 22 Apr 2023 02:02

Yeah I guess it's slightly better than ph but only slightly, it's still one of the conglomerates choking out the smaller niche sites with character in the industry. I would like in p****** and XVideos to the Amazon and Walmart hub this industry, respectively.

Whenever possible I try to support small or medium size sites where you can often find exactly the same things as those meter tubes or more often than not really cool s*** that you cannot find on the major tube sites at all.

I'm talking sites like https://adultx.xyz https://www.pnptube.com/ https://DoubleDickDown.com https://Pussylicking.party https://LadyBoyLane.com
Image https://motherless.com

In other words niche sites with character that are not conglomerates or owned by conglomerate organizations the three heavy hitters being the mind geek p****** family of like a dozen sites, the XVideos ecosystem of sites and the xHamster XNXX family of sites, three of which combined comprised of something like 50 to 75% of free porn visits

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Re: XVideos is my first choice

Post by ruixinkafei » 26 Apr 2023 06:44

Have you come across videos of sex with sex dolls while watching porn videos?
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Re: XVideos is my first choice

Post by Connie » 27 Apr 2023 06:23

XVideos is always my first choice when it comes to having sex with my love dolls.
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Re: XVideos is my first choice

Post by Springhall » 09 May 2023 03:22

Here's a great video for you, not to be missed: Nude New Design Flat Chested Sex Doll Dione | sexdolltech.com

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Re: XVideos is my first choice

Post by xxxxmovie » 25 May 2023 08:45

Pornhub and xhamster is good to me

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