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User Policy

Post by bbmaster » 03 Nov 2022 18:54

Adult Site Ranking (ASR) is pleased to launch the "Adult Site Forum (ASF)" service. This forum service will be offered under the domain and will be free of charge unless the policy is altered.

1. Users of this forum must follow the rules stipulated in this forum, and their membership may be suspended or forfeited if they violate them.

2. Posts registered in this forum must be registered in accordance with the rules stipulated in this forum, and in case of violation, the post may receive a warning or be deleted.

3. Posts registered here on the "General Announcements" forum are the same as User Policy of Adult Site Forum, and users must read and follow the content posted here.

4. Posting content that deviate from the topic of each forum is prohibited, and such postings can be deleted by the moderators.

5. Users who do any of the following acts will be warned and in some cases their account will be forcibly deleted. Consistently posting posts that do not fit the topic of the forum; posting advertisements; posting illegal content; severely criticizing ASR for no reason; blaming other users for no reason; doing any act that interferes with the operation of this forum;

6. IP addresses of all users of ASF can be tracked and recorded when using the service. ASF reserves the right to use this IP address record. If a member uses the service unfairly, the corresponding IP address can be blocked.

7. All users must check this User Policy, and this policy can be revised at any time.

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