[Humor] Correlation between nose-picking and sex

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[Humor] Correlation between nose-picking and sex

Post by bazplay » 01 Mar 2023 15:01

At a university, a male student was conducting a survey to create a report on women's perceptions of sex. He approached a female student who was sitting on a campus bench and asked a question.

M: Do you think having sex with a condom on is less pleasurable?

F: Of course. Do you feel okay to pick your nose with your finger while wearing gloves?

M: Who do you think gets more pleasure from sex, a man or a woman?

F: When you pick your nostril with your finger, does your finger feel good or does your nostril feel good?

M: So, how does a woman feel when she is raped?

F: It's like someone else digging your nostrils out.
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