[Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 2

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[Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 2

Post by NiteOcean » 21 Feb 2023 19:24

Immigration of Jenny
by NiteOcean

Chapter 2
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Re: [Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 2

Post by simiriti » 27 Dec 2023 04:13

Awakening, Chapter 2

A lifeless body lay on the cold, hard floor of Jenny's cell. Attempting to comprehend what had occurred the previous night, she was in a fog of confusion and her senses were dulled. There was a memory of being approached by a strange man, but beyond that, the details were hazy and fragmentary.

Upon regaining consciousness, Jenny found herself in an unfamiliar environment. There had been a transformation of the cell into a luxurious bedroom, which was adorned with soft silk sheets and plush pillows. An elegant wood paneling had replaced the stone walls, and the room was bathed in a soft, seductive light.

Jenny slowly arose from her chair, confused and disoriented. The thought of what had happened to her raced through her mind. Could you tell me where she was? Where was her cell located? What was the purpose of this strange man?

As she looked around her room, she noticed a mirror on the wall opposite her bed. As curiosity got the better of her, she slowly approached it. Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed into the mirror.

As she looked in the mirror, she was surprised to find that she did not recognize herself. The skin on her face was smooth and soft, and the skin on her body was radiant. She now had eyes that sparkled with intensity and desire, as opposed to being dull and lifeless. As if she had been transformed into an entirely new individual, she appeared to be transformed.

The mirror was a source of confusion and overwhelm for Jenny, who backed away from it. It was difficult for her to understand what she was seeing. She stared back at the woman staring back at her. Who was this woman? Is she still the same person she used to be?

It was as if the door had been knocked suddenly. The sound of footsteps approaching caused Jenny's heart to race. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself for the upcoming events.

To her surprise, the door opened, and it was the same man who had approached her the night before. The expression on his face this time, however, was that of a mischievous grin.

The man asked, "Did you enjoy your sleep, my dear?". He spoke in a smooth and seductive manner, sending shivers down her spine.

The voice in Jenny's voice was filled with fear and confusion as she stammered, "Where am I?".

I am happy to inform you that you have moved into your new home, my dear." He replied, his eyes never leaving hers. There is no place like this where pleasure reigns supreme."

In spite of Jenny's efforts to resist the pull of his seductive words, she felt a deep hunger that she was unable to ignore. As he hinted at a world of pleasure she yearned for, she longed for it.

Her hands trembled as she reached for the buttons on her nightgown. As she undid them one by one, she revealed her delicate curves to the night air. It was clear that the man was filled with desire and admiration as he gazed at the woman with intense intensity.

It did not take him long to approach her and he took her into his arms without a word. Their bodies were entwined, exploring each other's desires and secrets. She embraced the awakening of her new self as she surrendered to the pleasure.

It was in this mysterious world that Jenny was able to explore her own desires, without limitations or inhibitions. As she discovered, pleasure can be found in the most unexpected places, and that her own transformation is only the beginning of her journey.

The night drew to a close as Jenny lay in bed, basking in the afterglow of pleasure. It was clear to her that her journey had just begun, and she could not wait to discover what awaited her in this new and seductive world. Aerocity call girl

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Re: [Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 2

Post by MatthewLeo » 29 Dec 2023 02:59

Nice story, I love it!
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[Erotic Story][Text] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 2

Post by NiteOcean » 05 Feb 2024 14:07

Immigration of Jenny
By NiteOcean

Chapter 2

While dating Zhen, I had something in common as an Asian immigrant like Zhen. So we talked about each other's future, and also talked about each other's values and goals in life. Zhen said maybe he might have to go back to China after graduating from college in the US, and he said he didn't want to go back.

Zhen was capable of performing whatever task I assigned to him.

Zhen's parents were well-off. So Zhen surprised me with a MacBook Pro for my birthday. For my birthday, Zhen's parents gave me a party at Zhen's house. After a large birthday celebration at Zhen's house, all the invited friends had gone, and only me, Zhen, my best friend Ava, and Ava's boyfriend Logan were left.

Zhen's parents weren't at home, it was just the four of us. Then we sat on the couch, I sat next to Zhen and Ava next to Logan. I kissed Zhen. Then I put my hand into Zhen's pants. Zhen was startled and reminded me that Ava and Logan were watching. I asked, “You don’t want it?” while I say I'm fine. Then Zhen replied that he was fine too.

As I kissed Zhen, I took Zhen's hand and made him touch my breasts and I took off my T-shirt. Then I sat down on Zhen's lap and kept kissing him, pulling his pants open and taking off my pants and panties.

Then, looking to the side, I saw that Ava and Logan were also kissing, with Logan's hand inside Ava's panties.

In fact, I spoke with Ava a few days ago. We had planned ahead that Ava would also bring Logan and the four of us would have sex together.

Before I knew it, all four of us were naked, with Zhen having sex with me on a couch, and Ava with Logan on the other one. Watching other couples having sex made me very excited during sex. As I twerked my ass up and down on top of Zhen, a huge amount of cum gushed out of my cunt and flowed down to Zhen's cock and balls. I was fucking Zhen's cock, forgetting how much time was passing. Ava and Logan were watching us from behind as I was fucking Zhen's cock.

With someone else watching me having sex so closely, I got even more aroused, so louder moans and the words” FUCK ME FUCK ME” were pouring out of my mouth.

And finally, a tremendous orgasm erupted like a volcano from the center of my body to the top of my head, and I screamed and fell on my side with trembling limbs.

After the sex, Ava and Logan were clapping and shouting “Crazy fucking awesome incredible” that I was really good at sex.

So for the first time that day, after me and Ava took Zhen and Logan to have sex together, I sometimes took Ava and Logan with me when I went to Zhen's house after school. And after Zhen had sex with me, Ava had sex with Logan on the same bed.

I said “Shall we switch over and try again?”

And from that day on, the four of us started to enjoy swapping sex with each other. Logan was white and had a bigger cock than Zhen. While I was having sex with Zhen, his cock was so hard that it could reach every nook and cranny of my pussy, but when I was having sex with Logan, I enjoyed the sensation of having a full pussy. So whenever the four of us had swapping sex, I always had an orgasm once with Zhen and then another with Logan to end it over.

Then one time Ava dropped out because she had to go to the hospital after school, and Zhen, Logan, and I went to Zhen's house without Ava. That day I had a threesome with Zhen and Logan and experienced anal and pussy DP for the first time in my life. I already knew everything about anal sex since I was with James, and I've had it with Zhen several times, but DP was the first time. Having both cocks in my hole was very satisfying to me.

From that day on, whenever I had sex together with Ava, I asked Zhen and Logan to DP my holes. So I was able to lick Ava's cunt while two cocks were fucking my two holes from behind. And after I finished my DP, I watched the two cocks got stuck in Ava's pussy and asshole, and then I approached and licked the two cocks which was moving in and out of Ava's cunt and asshole, while inserting three fingers into my cunt hole and masturbating myself.

DP was good, but I felt something was missing. So I told Zhen that I would like another cock.

“Zhen, can you bring me one more cock? I want you to suck another dick in your mouth while you and Logan fuck my pussy and anus.”

Then one day after school, when Ava, Logan and I were waiting in the parking lot, Zhen walked up to the car with someone. The boy walking next to Zhen was George. George was a black playing basketball and he was in the ninth grade of his freshman year. George was well over six feet tall, and as I saw him walking beside Zhen, he was a head taller than Zhen.

On the way to Zhen's house in Zhen's car, it turned out that George and Zhen were online game buddies. Zhen chatted with George online and asked if George would be willing to have sex with us, and George was so excited that Zhen brought George along.

In fact, when I watched porn movies with Zhen, I often said, "What would it feel like to have a huge black cock stuck in a white woman's pussy?" Zhen said to me several times, "Why? You wanna try that?”

When we got home, Ava and I were washing our pussies in the bathroom, and both were excited about how big George's cock was. And when George finally undressed and pulled out his cock, all four of us opened our mouths. It was almost nine inches long and as thick as my forearm. It was the largest sausage size I'd ever seen in a market refrigerator selling sausages.

Zhen and Logan laughed out loud and couldn't stop laughing while Ava and I covered our mouths with our hands, staring back and forth between each other's eyes and George's cock.

George beamed a bright smile, flashed his pearly whites, and asked, "Who's first?" then Ava gave me a little shove on the back.

I walked up to George and lifted his cock in my hand. The weight was no joke. I knelt down in front of him as if offering a sacrifice, grabbed his cock with both hands and rubbed it back and forth. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put the shiny black glans into my mouth. I grabbed the middle of the prick shaft with both hands and sucked as much of the prick into my mouth as I could, but I was unable to get it in even one third of the prick..

As I sucked on his cock, George's erection got bigger and bigger. I laid George on the floor and stood up on him, crotch-spreading, then slowly lowered my ass, bringing my cunthole close to his cock.

My ass was still a long way from reaching George's crotch, but before I knew it, the tip of George's cock was touching my cunt hole. I lowered my stance, grasping the middle of his cock shaft with both hands, and pushed George's glans into my fuck hole.

I was unable to breathe because the cock was so large that it was choking me. My cunt appeared to have expanded up to the maximum circumference that the vagina could allow it to open. I absolutely cherished the sensation of having a full cunt.

I pushed my ass down and pushed his cock further and further into my cunt. The rod of George's cock continued to slide into my pussy little by little. And finally, when I pushed my ass all the way down, two-thirds of George's cock was in my cunt.

It felt like the tip of George's cock was pushed up to my navel. When I stroked my lower belly with my hand, it felt like my belly bulged up.

“I like your monster black dick, George!”, I said.

I slowly started rocking my ass up and down, and the huge peg-like cock jabbed my cunt. I liked it so much that I was going crazy. I twerked, moving my hips up and down more and more, and white cum trickled down my cunt and George's black prick. Behind me, Ava, Zhen, and Logan were watching me in surprise and kept exclaiming.

George's cock pushed more and more into my cunt. I wanted to shove George's cock all over my vagina hole. If I didn't, I thought my pride would be hurt. No matter how big the cock was, I had the conviction that my pussy would eat it all up.

I continued to shove George's nine-inch cock into my cunt, bouncing my whole body up and down. And as I forced my ass down, I finally felt the root of the cock touched my cunt.

I pushed my ass down with all my weight and my ass collided with George's thigh as his cock completely disappeared and was lodged in my pussy.

After I had driven the cock as deep as I could into my pussy, I called out to Zhen and Logan while sitting on George's crotch.

I ordered Logan to fuck anus because Logan’s cock was slightly bigger than Zhen's. With George's cock stuck in my cunt, Logan's cock pushed up my anus. And I asked Zhen to put his cock in my mouth.

I finally felt like a complete human being. I thought that I, an imperfect human being, had become complete by filling all my empty pores.

Three cocks were stuck in my cunt, anus, and mouth.

I was so happy.

At my age of 16, I became such a complete woman.

To be continued...
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