[Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 1

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[Erotic Story][MP3] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 1

Post by NiteOcean » 17 Feb 2023 18:31

Immigration of Jenny
by NiteOcean

Chapter 1
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[Erotic Story][Text] Immigration of Jenny - Chapter 1

Post by NiteOcean » 05 Feb 2024 14:05

Immigration of Jenny
By NiteOcean

Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Jenny. When I was 10 years old, my family and I moved to the United States. At that time, my mother and father had already settled on the idea of relocating our family from Korea to the United States. I was pretty excited about the possibility of coming to the United States, despite the fact that I was only a child at the time.

At school, I told my friends that I was going to the United States, and my classmates envied me. When I told my friends that if I went to America, I could eat some sort of many delicious chocolates and go to Disneyland, they envied me. But the first time I visited Disneyland in the United States was when I was 18 years old, eight years after my immigration.

I changed my Korean name Jisuhn to Jenny in the US.

America was not the paradise I expected. In Korea my dad worked at a good job and my mom lived like a princess. However, in the United States, my dad worked at a cleaning job all night and came home at dawn with a tired face covered in dust every day, and also my mother worked in a restaurant kitchen and her hands became rough.

Despite the hard work, my mom and dad had only one hope: me, only child of my parents. My mom and dad always said this to me.

"Mom and Dad came to America just for you. No matter how hard it is for Mom and Dad, if you go to a good college in America, get a good job, and succeed in life, we're happy."

In order not to disappoint my parents, I studied English hard, and when I graduated from middle school, I received a presidential award. Even in high school, I always studied well without ever dropping below 4.0 GPA, and I was good at swimming, so I worked as a swimming coach, and joined the cheerleading team and became a cheerleader.

There is a proverb called "Shin-to-bul-ee" in Korea. This means that the human body and soil are not different from each other. In other words, if you eat what comes out of the land and grow up, the energy of the land dwells in your body. Maybe that's why I'm 100% Korean and 100% Korean blood runs through my body, but after coming to the United States and eating and drinking hamburgers, pizza, and Coca-Cola, my body seemed to be Americanized. I literally became a twinkie that was yellow on the outside but white on the inside.

In high school, usually most Korean school girls my age have thin waists, limbs, and small breasts and hips, but I had chubby thighs unlike Korean girls and large breasts and hips like American girls.

So many boys at school approached me since I was an Asian girl with dark hair and dark eyes who had such a glamorous body and voluptuous breasts and ass. Among the boys the first one who actively approached me was James, who was the quarterback of the football team of our school.

He had a good physique, but he was a very sweet boy. He was not good at studies, but he was a very well-mannered and considerate man.

To James, I gave him my virginity with the first kiss in his car.

My only memory of my first sex with James was pain. Because James' thing was too big for me, and as a Korean woman it hurt so much when that much big thing pushes inside vagina for the first time. I had a question about it and I asked my best friend Ava.

“Ava, did the first sex really hurt that much?”

She said No. Ava was white and had lots of sexual experiences. She advised me to do it right in bed with James.

Few days later after school, during the day when my mom and dad weren't home, I brought James home and had a proper second sex on my bed.

Oh my God. It was heaven.

I didn't think it would be that good. When I realized this, I was sure that adults told kids not to have sex because it was so sweet, and they didn't want kids to do it so they could have the exclusive privilege to enjoy it.

Hey, you adults. Do you guys mean that you are the only ones who enjoy this good treat?

Since the first time I had sex with James starting in 11th grade, I have taken him home and had sex with him almost every day. James showed me all kinds of porn movies, and I told James let's try all the porn he showed me.

When we began intercourse, as James' soft prick grew hard and heavy in my hand, my labia lips were already starting to feel slippery. Then I put James's cock in my mouth and sucked on it for over 30 minutes until steam began to rise from his cock.

As James opened my cunt and the sole of his tongue began to lick between the flesh of my cunt, I pressed his head hard between my crotches, hoping his tongue would burrow into my pussyhole like a snake.

Then, when his forearm-sized cock finally got stuck in my pussy, I frantically rubbed the body of his prick into my fuck hole.

Fuck me James! fuck me harder!

I climbed up on top of James, spread my crotch across the peg-like eight-inch cock, and then drove all of my weight down my pussy, which caused his shining billiard-ball glans to drive all the way up to my vagina.

It seemed like the tip of his cock was being pushed up into my belly and into my womb as I pushed it into my cunt as firmly as I could, which was a sensation that I absolutely adored experiencing while I was shoving his cock as far as I could into my pussy.

Everytime when I had sex with James, I usually rubbed and fucked my pussy over his cock for an hour or more before he came up. When I got home after school with James, I had sex with James like that every day for four or five hours, except for dinner, until my mom and dad came back.

However, the relationship with James, which started at the beginning of 11th school, ended after six months, when I found out that James had another girl.

I wasn't sad and it wasn’t bad at all. Because the one who will regret it will be James, not me. Besides, there were so many boys who liked me at school.

As soon as rumors of my breakup with James spread at school, another boy approached me within a week. The boy was a Chinese boy named Zhen.

He had only been in America for two years, and he was a very nice and innocent kid. In his letter he wrote in Chinese, he translated it into English and shared with me what he wrote. I read that “If a man and a woman are related, even if they meet as strangers, they recognize each other.” I was fascinated by his letter.

His family was very rich. Zhen drives a BMW and his house is in a gated community with some of the most expensive houses in our neighborhood. I just started dating Zhen innocently. We went to the theater together, went to the mall with friends, and ate lunch together while listening to music during lunchtime at school.

And I kissed him with a very pure heart. And I asked him

“Have you ever had sex?”

Zhen replied No.

When I asked, "Don't you want to do it with me?", he hesitated and didn't answer easily, but eventually he answered, "I want to."

I kissed him and stroked his crotch over his pants. The front of his pants bulged right up, and as I put more strength in my hand and stroked the top of his pants, I felt a long, hard stick on his pants.

I undid Zhen's belt, unbuttoned his trousers, and put my hands into his trousers. On top of his panties, I grabbed his cock and squeezed the long stick with the strength of all five fingers in my hand. Then Zhen kissed me and started sucking on my tongue as if it were about to be pulled out.

I slipped my hand into his panties and grabbed his cock. His cock was very hot. I took off his pants and pulled his panties down.

His cock was much smaller than James's. James' cock was 8 inches, while Zhen's was 6 inches at best. However, as an Asian, 6 inches was by no means a small cock, but to me, who had been accustomed to James' cock, a 6-inch-long cock seemed small. But Zhen's cock was incredibly hard. If James' prick went like a soft banana, Zhen's prick was hard and fresh like a cucumber.

That day, I pushed Zhen’s cock all the way deep inside of my vagina. And since it was our first sex, I let him push his cock the deepest into my pussy and I squeezed every last drop of his semen into the pocket between my legs. Because at that time, I was in the infertile period when my period was just around the corner, so I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

Zhen, who was kind and pure, seemed to have become a man after that day. While he had sex with me, he would vigorously lift both my legs in a missionary position, let my head up, and drive his iron-hard cock vigorously into my cunt hole.

After knowing the taste of sex, Zhen did whatever I asked him to do. When we had sex at Zhen's house, it was the time just the two of us stayed with no one around. But I asked him to have sex even when his parents were downstairs. Even though Zhen was worried that his mother would come to his room, if I wanted it, he would have sex with me.

I said I wanted to have sex at the theater, so he took me to the theater and we sat at the back of the theater and had sex while watching a movie. About 20 people were sitting in front of us, and among them, the two closest to us were sitting in the chairs in the third row from our seats.

I handed the popcorn to Zhen, and I undid the front of his pants, took out his cock, and started kneading it with my hands. As his prick hardened and a slippery liquid came out of the tip, I lowered my head and put his prick in my mouth and sucked on it. After sucking his cock for so long, I finally swallowed it all in one gulp as Zhen sent the hot cum deep down my throat.

Then I sat up straight, took off my hot pants and panties, and spread my crotch sideways to let Zhen feel free to touch my cunt. I casually ate my popcorn while Zhen thrust the fingers into my cunt hole, and when I had an orgasm, I squirmed my legs and enjoyed the thrill as I gazed at the silhouettes of the others sitting in front of me. Then I lifted the armrest of the seat right next to me and I lay down on the seat next to me, and Zhen lay down between my crotches and licked my pussy as much as he wanted. That was about halfway through the two-hour movie, and from that point on, I moved over to Zhen's cock, sat on his lap, pushed the cock into my cunt, and rubbed his cock into mine over and over again. My mouth was eating popcorn, my hand was moving on the popcorn bucket, my eyes were watching a movie, and my hole between the legs was the busiest for fucking. In the complexity all my attention was focused on that point where a rod moved in and out of a hole. Zhen hugged me from behind and grabbed my voluptuous D-cup tits, while he also focused his attention on his prick, trying to ram it into my cunt for as long as possible without making it come off early. We enjoyed sex in the theater for the entire 2 hours of the movie like that.

And I told Zhen that I wanted to have sex in a public place, in front of many people. Then a few days later Zhen said he had a place to do it for me and he came to me and he took me to the community pool near his house. Zhen's house had its own pool, but he took me to the community pool, and it was a Saturday afternoon and there were quite a few people there, about 20-30 people.

At first, Zhen and I played by passing a beach ball at the poolside. Then we went into the water with a ball and threw it at each other, then we both swam close together holding hands and Zhen put me on his back and played in the water. Then I grabbed Zhen by the neck on face to face and held him tight, then Zhen quickly pulled his hardened cock in the water, pulled my swimsuit bikini aside, and thrust it into my cunt.

In the water, Zhen's cock and my cunt were firmly attached to each other, but no one seemed to notice. We looked like playing with a beach ball with our heads out of the water. At that time, there were many people in the pool, and there might have been people staring at us from time to time, but we were having sex in the water like teenagers playing casually, not paying attention to their gaze. Then, as we rubbed cock and pussy together, Zhen whispered in my ear, "I am cuming" and I was feeling a hot lump rushing into my pussy.

In addition to the sex at the theater and swimming pool, during lunchtime, behind the school gymnasium, I leaned against the wall and had quick sex with Zhen fucking his cock from behind me while bending over, and going to the mall and going to the dressing room with the two of us and having sex, and in the bathroom at a playground. But the sex that was the most thrilling among them was something else rather than them.

To be continued...
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