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[Humor] Fucking camel

Posted: 11 May 2023 14:51
by bazplay
Fucking Camel

During World War II, Nazi troops were stationed in the desert. A commander was inspecting the barracks and found a camel tied to the side of the barracks.

“Hey Adjutant, what is that camel for?”

"ah… yes… When the hot-blooded young soldiers can't hold back their lust... .”

The commander got angry and ordered the camel to be removed immediately.

But one day, on a lonely desert night, even the commander could not contain his lust. So he slipped out of his barracks and went looking for the camel. And while he was having sex with a camel, an adjutant passing by came and said to the commander in surprise.

“Commander, what are you doing?”

“Soldiers do it, what can I not do?”

Then the adjutant was perplexed and said,

“Um… The camel is the transport the soldiers ride to the village in search of prostitutes when they cannot contain their lust.”

Re: [Humor] Fucking camel

Posted: 09 Jun 2023 03:51
by Nathan
LOL, it's funny!